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    Exhibitor List ? Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Brief Introduction:
    Suzhou Tianma Specialty chemicals Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of Suzhou Tianma Pharma Group, has enjoyed reputation as Jiangsu High-tech enterprise, Suzhou 100 strongest private enterprise, the Vice-director Unit of China Paper Chemicals Industry Association, with registered capital of 90 million RMB, and 294 million RMB total assets. Suzhou Tianma Specialty chemicals Co., Ltd is the first public company whose core products is paper making chemicals.

    The main business of Suzhou Tianma is paper making chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, she is the leading manufacturer of AKD sizing agent(AKD WAX and AKD emuldion) and other fine chemicals in China, and has more than 60% market share of AKD sizing agent.


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