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    Exhibitor List ? Changchun Dacheng Special Corn & Modified Starch Development Co., Ltd.

     Brief Introduction

    Changchun Dacheng Special Corn Modified Starch Development Co.Ltd.belongs to Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group. Changchun Dacheng Special Corn Modified Starch Development Co.Ltd. using corn starch as the main raw material for modification of high-tech enterprises. have four production lines, annual production capacity of 24 million tons. The company built a modified starch research center of modified starch, development and application experiment. The company has imported modified starch testing instrument: Brabender viscometer, Brookfield viscometer, RVA viscometer, calm nitrogen meter, spectro photometry instrument, electronic microscope, rotating photometry instrument, etc. This company developed the modified starch used in food, paper making, textile, architecture, medical, selection of iron ore, oil mines, casting, fine chemical, sewage treatment and other industries.

    Products available

    Oxidized starch, acetate starch, phosphate starch, cationic starch, cross-linked starch, carboxymethyl starch, cationic oxidation composite modified starch, acetate oxidation compound starch, octenyl succinate starch, acid esterified starch.


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