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    Exhibitor List ? Dongying Nuoer Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction

    Dongying Nuoer Chemical Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, is a modern-high-tech professional manufacuturer of polyacrylamide, which is located in the Yellow River Delta of the Bohai Sea and adjacent to China’s second largest oilfield –Shengli Oilfield. The company sets R&D, production, sales ad service in a body. With more than 300 employees, its current annula production capacity reaches 40000 metric tons. After 15 years running, Dongying Nuoer Chemical Co.Ltd establishes a world wide network and after-sales service system. The products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, both at home and abroad. Relying on scientific reseach efforts of Shandong University and Zhejiang Institute of Technology, Nuoer Co. sets its own research center, which help the company make significant progress in water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, mineral processing chemicals, acrylamide and water-absorbing resin research & development. Company Honours:

    ● 7 patents and identified 22 scientific and technology achievements

    ● Independent research and development setting flocculant for the red mud of alumina won the special gold medal in China Paten Tech Fair

    ●The R & D and industialization projects of annual 3000 metric tons setting flocculant for the red mud of alumina and the ultra-high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide, are listed in the national Torch Program

    ● Varietyofauthentication:ISO9001,CCC,ECE,SGS

    ● AAA enterprise in national quality,reputation and service

    ● Shandong Star Enterprise

    ● Enterprise Excellent Product Award in paper making chemical industry

    ● Shandong Backbone Enterprise in environmental protection industry

    ● Corporate integrity of Dongying City

    ● Municipal grade Trustworthy enterprise

    ● The efficient and harmonious ecological zones bulding enterprice of the Yellow River Delta

    Nuoer Industrial park, located in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, was established in early 2012, which is invested 2.6 billon yuan, covering more than 40 million square meters. The nee park is mainly engaged in acrylamide, polyacrylamide, Superabsorbent polymer R&D,extending Nuoer Chemical Co industiral chain production lines. After putting the first project into production, the annule production of acrylamide will be 50000 metric tons, the polyacrylamide will be 30000 metric tons, the Super Absorbent Polymer will be 50000 metric tons. The NUOER GROUP strives to realize the sales revenue of 50 billion yuan in 2015, reaches 460 million yuan of profits and taxes. All to make NUOER GROUP become a century modern science and technology enterprise.


    Products available:

    Water Treatment Chemical Anionic/cationic/nonionic emulsion polyacrylamide Anionic/cationic/nonionic polyacrylamide Papermaking chemicals PDAE New emulsion Paper Retention Agent PDA Dry type of Paper Retention agent Bentonite particles multi-Rete System NREP cationic Paper Reinforcer PDAE-IV High Efficient Emulsion Paper Retention Agent Anionic garbage capture agent Special Flocculant for alumina Settling flocculant for the red mud of alumina 


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