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    Exhibitor List ? Foshan Nanhai Junneng Papermaking Material Factory

     Brief Introduction

    Our company has been fully dedicated in research and manufacturing of paper chemicals with total productivity over 200,000 tons per year. Our main chemical products are as follows: PAM, PPE, AKD emulsion, AKD original powder, styrene-butadiene lattices, color paste and surface sizing agent, water resistant agent, anti-moulds germicide, defoaming agent, stickies control agent and so forth. Our company will definitely bring you chemical products with superior quality which lead to further improvement of your comprehensive benefits.


    Products available

    Paper sizing agent type, Water proof and moisture proof type, Paper dry/wet strengthening agent, Culture paper strengthening agent type, Stiffness additives type, Carboxylated styrene-butadiene lattices type, Paper surface sizing agent type, Water-resistant agent type, Paper surface strengthening agent type, Silicon/silicon-free de-foaming type, Retention and drainage agent type, Water treatment agent type, Anti corrosive / mildew agent type. 


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