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    Exhibitor List ? Nanjing SIXIN Scientific-Technological Application Research Institute Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction

    Nanjing SIXIN Scientific-Technological Application Research Institute Co., Ltd is founded in 1992. And it is the state-level high-tech enterprise which is focused on the research, production, and sales for the defoamer, degassing agent, and foam control system. The annual sales volume is 10 million RMB. The enterprise marketing system is very perfect and SIXIN products sell well in 31 provinces in domestic and over 30 countries abroad. In SIXIN Company, there’s the largest defoamer production base and the best research & development team-technique center, which has been in the domestic leading position in the defoamer area. Till now SIXIN company has applied 47 national patents and 3 international patents. In 2009, SIXIN finished the Silicon defoamer national standard as the main drafter, which has been issued and implemented (GB/T 26527-2011). In 2010, SIXIN established the defoamer engineering technological center in Nanjing.



    Products available:

    Water treatment Organic-silicon defoamer,Paint and ink defoamer, Pulp and papermaking defoamer,Oil exploration defoamer, Industrial cleaning defoamer, Cutting &refrigeration defoamer,Thermostable silicone defoamers, Acid-resistant defoamer, cement & mortar defoamer, Powder defoamer, polyether defoamer,Alkali-resistant defoamer. 


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