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    Exhibitor List ? Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction

    Shanghai Dongsheng New Material Co., Ltd is professional company which research of develop produce and sell fine chemical products, mainly including papermarking additives, coating, and print additives. Currently we have products mainly including the GCC, the PCC,the surface sizing agent, Dispersant, Lubricant, Guar Gum strength and retention aid, coating series. Company earned honors like National Model Company for Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights, Advanced Enterprise of Industrial Innovation in China, High-Tech Company, Shanghai Good Brand Company. At the same way, company GM Mr. Shixiao Dan awarded “PECRUITMENT”National Expert. Our company never stops believing in the motto of“Independent innovation the resource energy of the company’s development”. Lots of our products have reached the level of quality of the world’s 500 strongest companies’s products of the samekind, which enables the nation to produce the products domestically instead of importing from abroad countries. For example, company independent R&D the“surface sizing agent”attains the National Key New Product, Shanghai Key New Product.


    Products available

    Surface Sizing Agent 、Dispersant 、AKD 、Lubricant 、Styrene Acrylic Latex 、Bio-Latex 、Ground Calcium Carbonate、Precipitated Calcium Carbonate 、Guar gum 、Plastic Pigment.


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