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    Exhibitor List ? Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction

    Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd dedicated to manufacture and distribute paper making chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates since 1993. We are the High-Tech enterprises in Jiang Su Province, Top 100 enterprises in Suzhou City and vice-chairman of China paper chemicals industry Association of Industrial. Enroll capital RMB 90,000,000, overall capital RMB 294 million, production area 114.8 thousand m2, employee 600. We stick to developing new products for paper industry like sizing agents, retention aids and paper strengthen agents since we founded in1993. During this period, we applied for several production patents on sizing agent and retention aids which guarantee us the only legal producer of non-solvent AKD wax manufacturer in China market. Based on the advantage of odorless, non-solvent and environmental friendly, we share the 60% AKD market in China and setup long term cooperation with many multinational paper chemicals companies. Our current capacity of AKD wax is 40,000 mt per year. We comply with our aim to“Do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers”, based on our main business, we achieve continuous enhancement in technology innovation, quality assurance and EHS system to keep us steady-going forward. Our technical team is ready in any time to provide professional after-sales service for our reliable and reputed partners all over the world.

    Products available:

    AKD WaxAlkyl Ketene Dimer);ASAAlkenyl succinic anhydride


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