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    Exhibitor List ? Tianjin Red Sun Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction:

    Founded in 2007, is a collection of scientific research, production, import and export trade, service in an integrated chemical enterprise. Company business address in Tianjin Hebei District No. 189 New Road (tianjin dangerous chemicals market). It companies in addition to independent production product sales, but also to provide users with various kinds of imported and domestic chemical raw materials (detergent raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, industrial additives, textile, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.). The company is located in tianjin factory after wu qing SuZhuang (tianjin wai road at about 43.8 km), mainly with epoxy ethane, of fatty alcohols, fatty acid as raw materials, to produce ethanol amine series and non-ion surface active agent series (OP, EL, AEO, go add, twain, company dish, polyethylene glycol (peg), etc.). Products are widely used in cosmetics, civil washing, industrial washing, medicine, food, textile, leather, coating, paint, pesticides, electroplating, paper making, oil, mechanical processing industries. 


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