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    Exhibitor List ? Yihai(LYG)Fine Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction

    Yihai Kerry Group, a subsidiary of Wilmar Inter-national Ltd, is a diversified group of enterprises in China. Its primary business activities include edible oil refining, production of oleochemicals, logistics, shipping, international and domestic trading and agricultural research. Wilmar International is a Fortune Global 500 company with a turnover exceeding USD 30 billion for FY2010. YihaiLianyungangFine Chemical Industries Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Yihai Kerry Group. Its main products include: AKD wax, phosgene, fatty acid chloride, water treatment chemicals and other paper chemical products. To be a world class fine chemical company is the objective of Yihai Kerry Oleochemical. To take advantage of the domestic resources in production and improving our products and services to perfection. To pursuing innovation and transformation with diligence, researching and developing more products in the fine chemical industry and boosting the rapid development of the fine chemical industry in China with unceasing efforts.


    Products available:

    AKD Wax 、Other Paper Chemicals 、Phosgene 、Fatty Acid Chloride. 


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