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    Scope of Exhibition

    Scope of Exhibition

    Papermaking chemicals
    modified starch: cationic starch, oxidized starch, crosslinked starch, modified zwitterion
    starch, multiple-modified starch, starch derivatives, etc.;


    sizing agents: rosin-based sizing agents, synthetic sizing agents and various paper

    surface sizing agents, etc.;


    water-soluble polymers: polyacrylamide, polyethylene imine, polyoxyethylene, polyvinyl

    alcohol, etc.;


    functional papermaking chemicals: reinforcing agents,brighteners,printability-improving agents, water-repellent agents, special dye, etc.;


    process papermaking chemicals: digester additives, deinking agents, retention and

    drainage aids, defoamers, bactericide, dispersing agent, etc.;


    fillers and pigments: talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, ultrafine powder of heavy

    calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, etc.;


    coating binders and rubber binders: carboxyl styrene-butadiene latex, butyl acrylate-styrene copolymer emulsion, carboxy methylated cellulose (CMC) , casein, etc.;


    water treatment agents in paper-making process; other kinds of paper-making chemicals.


    Paper products, cardboard and paper:

    uncoated printing and writing paper, boxboard, corrugated base paper, coated white cardboard, packaging paper, household paper, coated paper, newsprint paper, specialty paper, paper pulp etc.;


    Latest technologies of pulp and paper production:

    wet end and surface sizing technology, reinforcing technology, household paper technology, foam control technology, microbial control technology, sediment control technology, pulping technology, retention and filtration clarification technology, adhesive content control technology, deinking technology, sterilization and mould proof technology, defoaming agent technology, and water treatment technology.


    Pulping and papermaking equipments:

    key equipments of pulp and paper: pulper, hot mill, slurry dewatering machine, squeezer, slush maker, refiner, filter, pulp washer, press master, pressure screen, thickener, etc.;

    Native fiber (including wood pulp fiber and non-wood pulp fiber) pulping equipments,
    Scope of Exhibition


    Complete waste paper pulping equipment, complete waste paper deinking equipment, no chlorine pulp bleaching equipment, etc.;


    All kinds of complete paper machines, headbox, drying cylinder, etc.;


    Water saving and energy saving environmental equipment, dewatering equipment, etc.;


    Pump, valve, grinding: centrifugal pump, medium-consistency pump, control valve, universal valve, actuator valve, grinding of pulping machine, sieve, grit separator,etc.;


    Papermaking felt, etc.;


    New technologies and equipments of pulping and papermaking,  etc.

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