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    About Show

    2019 (14th) China International Exhibition on Paper Chemicals, Technologies and Equipments 

    Date: September 18-20, 2019
    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center


    China International Exhibition on Paper Chemicals, Technologies and Equipments (Paperchem) was established in 2006. After thirteen years of continuous honing and innovation, it has become an industry annual event won world’s wide recognition. As the only domestic professional exhibitions with a theme of chemicals, water treatment chemicals, it was co-organized with China International Water Treatment Chemicals Fair, which provides the exhibitors and visitors with more choices. China International Exhibition on Paper Chemicals, Technologies and Equipments is also China's great annual event of comprehensively understanding, purchasing and learning papermaking chemicals and technologies to help the papermaking enterprises to directly efficiently effectively use of chemicals, and provide convenient one-stop shopping and solutions and chancels to environmental problems. In the event, we will witness all the achievements of the paper industry .The products are characterized with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

    China's Papermaking Market

    China's paper-making industry has experienced the high speed of development over the past decade and China has become the world's most important consumer of paper and paperboard products. The low inventory industry chain and weaken supply lead to the increasing paper price while the demand is very high considering the dramatic increasing holiday gift packaging in the second half of the year and double eleven double twelve electricity shopping incentives, and the demand for a billion packages a day will also boost the market. By the end of 2017, paper prices are expected to rise. IBISWorld estimates that the price of log pulp will remain at a 5.1% annual rate by 2019. According to the survey data of the China paper industry association, the output of paper and cardboard in 11 provinces (districts and cities) in eastern China in 2016 accounted for 75.1% of the national output. The proportion of eight provinces (districts) in the central region accounted for 16.2% and the proportion of 12 provinces (districts and cities) in the western region accounted for 8.7%.

    Paper products, cardboard and paper:

    uncoated printing and writing paper, boxboard, corrugated base paper, coated white cardboard, packaging paper, household paper, coated paper, newsprint paper, specialty paper, paper pulp etc.;

    Latest technologies of pulp and paper production:

    wet end and surface sizing technology, reinforcing technology, household paper technology, foam control technology, microbial control technology, sediment control technology, pulping technology, retention and filtration clarification technology, adhesive content control technology, deinking technology, sterilization and mould proof technology, defoaming agent technology, and water treatment technology.

    Pulping and papermaking equipments:

    key equipments of pulp and paper: pulper, hot mill, slurry dewatering machine, squeezer, slush maker, refiner, filter, pulp washer, press master, pressure screen, thickener, etc.;
    Native fiber (including wood pulp fiber and non-wood pulp fiber) pulping equipments,

    Scope of Exhibition

    Complete waste paper pulping equipment, complete waste paper deinking equipment, no chlorine pulp bleaching equipment, etc.;

    All kinds of complete paper machines, headbox, drying cylinder, etc.;

    Water saving and energy saving environmental equipment, dewatering equipment, etc.;

    Pump, valve, grinding: centrifugal pump, medium-consistency pump, control valve, universal valve, actuator valve, grinding of pulping machine, sieve, grit separator,etc.;

    Papermaking felt, etc.;

    New technologies and equipments of pulping and papermaking,  etc.



    Raw  Space: USD190/sqm36sqm min.

    Standard  Shell Scheme: USD 235/sqm9sqm min.

    Premium  Shell Scheme: USD 265/sqm18sqm min.



    Catalogue Ad. (1 Full page 4 C): USD 1000/page

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